Pennsylvanians for Open Primaries and the PA state house

All Voters Deserve a Say.

In Pennsylvania’s current closed primary system, millions of registered voters are denied their right to vote — will you help us restore that right?

Help Pennsylvanians for Open Primaries expand our electoral landscape by supporting candidates who champion a more democratic Pennsylvania.

About Pennsylvanians for Open Primaries.

Pennsylvanians for Open Primaries is dedicated to championing the cause of open primaries in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to ensure that every Pennsylvanian, regardless of party affiliation, has the right to participate in our primary elections.

We believe that open primaries are crucial for enhancing democratic engagement, promoting political inclusivity, and ensuring that elected officials represent the broad spectrum of their constituents' views. We believe the future of the Keystone State includes an electoral process that is fully inclusive, allowing all registered voters to have a say in choosing the candidates who will represent them.

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A Vote for All

Why Open Primaries Matter

No more taxation without representation

No longer will independent Pennsylvanians be shut out of elections that their tax dollars fund.

Honoring our

Half of all veterans identify as political independents — more than almost any other group. Open primaries would extend the vote to our troops — they fight to protect our democracy and deserve a say in it.


Open primaries dismantle barriers to participation, ensuring that all Pennsylvanians have a voice in elections.

Get the Facts.

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Closed Primaries

Under our current system, only voters who are registered with a party can participate in primary elections. This means that independent or unaffiliated voters’ voices are silenced. The system is built to exclude: less voters, less competition, and less democracy.

Open Primaries

Under this system, ALL voters may participate in primary elections regardless of partisan affiliation or lack thereof.

Independents Aren’t Going Anywhere

Registered independent voters are on the rise — in both Pennsylvania and across the nation. If we don’t give this growing base a platform, we stand to disenfranchise 1.2 million Pennsylvanian voters in our primary elections.

A Coalition of Leaders

A growing number of state legislators and candidates are working for your right to vote in primary elections AND SOME ARE NOT. Help us help those who support all voters’ right to vote in all elections. Help us support open primaries in Pennsylvania. Please make your contribution today.